Dr Colin Brown is a specialist Otolaryngologist-Head and Neck Surgeon (Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon). He treats a wide range of ear diseases, deformities and deafness including BAHA Bone BridgeCholesteatomaEar Drum RepairEustachian Tube Balloon DilationMicrotia AtresiaCochlear ImplantsOtitis MediaOtosclerosisProminent EarsChildhood DeafnessSurfers Ear and Tonsils

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Glue Ear

Because most episodes of Glue Ear resolve without treatment, regular observation alone is often recommended for three months if the eardrums are otherwise of normal appearance. Once fluid has been present behind the eardrum for three months, it is considered unlikely to resolve for a considerable time.

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Surfers Ear

This a condition where the ear canal is narrowed by bone which grows slowly in the ear canal over a long period of time. The bone grows in lumps, which form bulges, behind which water may be trapped. The new bone growth is stimulated by exposure to cold water and cold air.

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The tonsils and the adenoids are lymph glands. They are thought to function as part of the first line of the body's defense against potentially harmful germs. Bacteria or viruses enter the mouth or nose and are "picked up" in the tonsils or adenoids.  

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