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How to prepare your child for a procedure


Your child is going to have a medical procedure. What’s the best way to prepare them?

Children often have little ability to understand why a procedure is needed. They will look to you, their caregiver, to ‘get a feel’ for what this encounter will be like.

What to do and what not to do:

● Do be positive
● Do model a calm, matter-of-fact approach
● Do let your kids talk to the staff
● Do use distraction and other fun stuff
● Do explain it’s not rude to ignore the procedure
● Do be honest
● Do have a little fun afterwards 

● Don’t use medical procedures as a punishment
● Don’t reward children for being ‘brave’
● Don’t use the word ‘brave’
● Don’t spend too long discussing the procedure
● Don’t reassure
● Don’t use negative words like ‘hurt’
● Don’t use words like ‘won’t’ and ‘don’t’


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