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Cochlear Osia

This is a new but long awaited very sophisticated hearing device which enables you to hear by bone conduction which passes sound from a small externally worn button like device through the bone of the head into the inner ear.

It is cosmetically excellent and delivers a very high quality sound. You are able to stream speech and music from a cell phone computer or iPad directly through the device. It is rechargeable and will last all day. There are two parts to the device- one of which needs to be inserted under the skin behind the ear- a short and straightforward process. It is ideally suited for people who have ear canal problems such as chronic ear canal infections, or who have narrowed or absent ear canals either congenitally, or as a result of long term ear disease.

Often the sound quality is superior to a standard hearing aid for those who have had previous ear or mastoid surgery and still have a conductive (mechanical) type of hearing loss. The OSIA works well even if there is a moderate "inner ear" hearing loss as well.

We can help advise whether you would be a suitable candidate for this. Dr Brown is one of the most experienced hearing implant surgeons in New Zealand.

Download the Cochlear™ Osia® System Reliability Report 2023

Photo courtesy of  Cochlear Ltd.


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