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What is a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid ("BAHA")

This is a special type of hearing aid recommended when the use of standard hearing aids (which fit into the ear canal) is not possible or difficult.The BAHA is extremely comfortable to use (in most cases the wearer is unaware of its presence) and is cosmetically good.... >more

Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tube

A  new treatment for ear disease... >more


The Bone Bridge is a hearing aid system well suited to children with Microtia-Atresia who have a conductive hearing loss but with normal or near normal inner ear hearing. It can restore excellent quality hearing in some cases where an ordinary hearing aid or other corrective surgery is not suitable. It has two parts; internal and external.... >more

Deafness in your Child

Your child may be currently undergoing tests for deafness or perhaps they may have had deafness confirmed. This can be a very stressful time for you, your child and the whole family.... >more

What is Cholesteatoma?

A cholesteatoma is a skin growth that occurs in an abnormal location inside the middle ear behind the eardrum. .... >more

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear implant is a hearing device, which enables restoration of hearing to those who have severe to profound hearing loss.... >more

What is the Osia System?

This is a new but long awaited very sophisticated hearing device ... >more

What is a Myringoplasty?

A myringoplasty is an operation to repair a hole in the ear drum ("perforated ear drum")... >more

Microtia Atresia

Microtia means "small ear". Atresia means "not formed" - in this situation applying to the ear canal.... >more

Otitis media

"Otitis media" means there is fluid in the middle ear behind the eardrum. The type of fluid present varies, and thus there is a spectrum of disease from "Acute Otitis Media" through to "Glue Ear" (sometimes also called Otitis Media with Effusion, or OME).....>more

What is Otosclerosis?

Otosclerosis is a disorder of part of the inner ear bone called the "otic capsule." It occurs in approximately 6% of the population. In some people with otosclerosis, abnormally growing otosclerotic bone spreads across the base of the stapes bone (the smallest bone in the human body).... >more

Surfers Ear

Surfers ear ( otherwise known as "exostoses") is a condition where the ear canal is narrowed by bone which grows slowly in the ear canal over a long period of time. The bone grows in lumps, which form bulges, behind which water may be trapped.... >more

Why are the Ears Prominent?

No two ears are the same, even in one individual! In a person   with prominent ears the most common problems are a flattened fold in the outer part of the ear (the antihelical fold) and a deep bowl shaped area (the conchal bowl) immediately adjacent to the ear hole. The ear lobe may also be prominent.... >more

What are the Tonsils and Adenoids and What Do They Do?

The tonsils and the adenoids are lymph glands. They are thought to function as part of the first line of the body's defense against potentially harmful germs. Bacteria or viruses enter the mouth or nose and are "picked up" in the tonsils or adenoids....  >more

How to prepare your child for a procedure

Children look to you, their caregiver, for information about the world. The way that you communicate to your child about their procedure will shape their experience....  >more

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